One of The Chosen Soundtrack
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1. When this World is Falling (Listen)
2. There is No Other Fountain (Listen)  
3. One of the Chosen (Listen)  
4. Wait a Little Longer Please Jesus (Listen)
5. Heaven Will be My Home (Listen)
6.When I'm Praying He's Praying for Me (Listen) 
7. Go Rest High on the Mountain (Listen)
8. I'm Gonna Tell the World (Listen)  
9.The Batism of Jessie Taylor (Listen)  
10. I'll Have a New Life (Listen

11. I'll Be There (Listen)

12. Paul's Ministry (Listen)

13. At the Foot of the Cross (Listen)

14. Where No One Stands Alone (Listen)

15. Pass Me Not (Listen)

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One of The Chosen Soundtrack

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